Our Purpose


Organisations across the world invest millions in the management of financial risk. What is clearly evident is that much of this risk is the direct result of employee dishonesty. One certainly does not need to go into spelling out statistics in terms of the role white or blue-collar crime plays in business today. We all experience it first hand and spend a large amount of time, energy and money in developing initiatives to combat the fraud and blatant dishonesty that threatens our business every day.


The service we offer is essentially to provide a proactive risk management service to corporate and recruitment consultancies.  The scary reality is that the majority of organisations across South Africa still put very little emphasis on the referencing and verification of new employee information, prior to bringing them on board.  Veri Source has a team of highly trained consultants who can add value to your organisation and assist you in proactively managing potential people risk.


Prospective employees have one key opportunity available to them, to market themselves to prospective employers. This marketing opportunity is the manner in which they present themselves in their Curriculum Vitas or Resumes. Our role is to ensure that this information is correct and not exaggerated or misrepresented in any way